Danni & Steph

Danni & Steph

Corporate, Weddings, Clubs, Private Events

Jazz, Retro, Pop, Modern, Classic dancefloor fillers and everything in between

Danni Cartisano and Steph Noiosi are D&S Duo – Sydney-based dynamic, acoustic cover duo who make every song their own without losing its original spirit.

Get ready to dance the night away with D&S Duo – the perfect musical duo for your wedding day! Danni Cartisano and Steph Noiosi bring a dynamic, acoustic charm to every song they touch, infusing it with their unique flair while preserving its original spirit.

With Danni’s powerhouse vocals and Steph’s live looping and velvety harmonies, D&S Duo effortlessly traverse through genres, from Jazz and Retro to Pop, Modern hits, and everything in between. Whether it’s love songs, R&B, or your favorite pub classics, they deliver each track with fresh energy and style.

Having performed together for over 6 years, Danni and Steph have honed a chemistry and energy that’s engaging, fun, and downright infectious. Let them add a memorable touch to your wedding, function, or venue experience, guaranteed to have everyone on their feet and creating unforgettable moments.

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