Wedding String Quartet Sydney

String Quartet, Trio & Duo

Weddings, Corporate

Classical, Folk, Jazz, Film, Musicals, Contemporary.

No matter your event style, where or when. Evoke Strings deliver elegance, splendor and glamour with every performance.

Evoke String Quartets, Trios & Duos are at home by the side of a wedding aisle, ballroom or the Sydney Opera House.

Boasting a dynamic repertoire from classical music to contemporary hits, the Evoke Strings are simply a must for your next Corporate Function or Event or simply to set the mood with beautiful classical wedding music.

Whilst Flexible, A Typical Event Run Sheet Includes:

Wedding Ceremony

To set the mood for your guests and keep the groom and his entourage relaxed just prior to the bride’s entrance, Evoke Strings start the proceedings with a 15-minute musical introduction.

Our repertoire is extensive and sure to add a sense of occasion and elegance to your special day.

The ceremony typically consists of the processional, signing of the registry and the recessional. For church services, you may like Evoke Strings to also perform the offertory and communion.


For our corporate clientele, our Creative Events Specialists at Evoke together with our clients, craft the perfect package to wow your guests at your next event.

Booking an Evoke Entertainment String Quartet, Trio or Duo for your next event will ensure your crowd will come back wanting more. You will be comfortable knowing you have chosen a group of professionals who not only enjoy their job but pride themselves on being the best at what they do. Available for all event bookings now!

Select From:

String Duo

Standard String Duo: Violin, cello. Other string duo combinations are available on request.

String Trio

Standard String Trio: Violin, viola, cello. Other string trio combinations are available on request.

String Quartet

Standard String Quartet: Two violins, viola, cello. Other string quartet combinations are available on request.

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