Kaleidoscope Dream

Kaleidoscope Dream

Kaleidoscope Dream is an all-out interactive experience with their motto being “there shall be no cheese found here”.

“It’s about tailoring each show to that audience and responding to what they want, not just playing the same songs they’ve heard at every other event”.

With a repertoire of over 350 songs, you will hear Whitney diva vocals, see Backstreet Boys dance breaks, Eminem freestyle raps and new music like Cardi B and Post Malone. Steering away from the overplayed setlists at most corporate events, Kaleidoscope Dream brings a fresh and new feeling
to any affair.

Of course there’s a time and a place for all your favourite current, R&B, Pop, Soul and Hip-Hop tracks Kaleidoscope Dream simply mix them all up into masterfully arranged medleys to keep that D’Floor pumping all night.

“We love playing the bangers that get dance floors pumping, but also love to break it down and improvise a verse, there and then, this is where we find our magic”. Adam Katz (lead vocalist)

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