Acoustic Duo Canape Set

Canapés: A Simple Touch to your Wedding Day

By Chris Ninni


The Human psyche is a complex yet simple concept to understand but essentially, without delving in too deep, good music and good food is proven to boost one’s attention, motivation and mood.

Listening to music releases dopamine which can also be known as the ‘feel good chemical’. You know.. it’s that warm, fuzzy and happy feeling you get when you have finally caught the waiter’s attention and he makes his way over to you, offering you a selection of canapés that you had been eyeing off for the last 10 minutes and as you bite down into those delicious arancini balls that feeling heightens and then all you can think about is what the appropriate amount of time is before you can hail that waiter down for another… Yes, we all know that feeling!

Canapés are an easy way to ensure that warm, fuzzy and happy feeling is present throughout the entire evening, from the ceremony through to the end of the reception. It eliminates that lull in the day where guests hang out at a bar or a pub until it’s time to go the the reception venue.

During the canapés guests can mingle with friends and family and become acquainted with others they may not know. No ice breaking conversation topics required, all you need is live music and miniature food and the work is done for you. Canapés are a simple and effective way to set the tone for the rest of the evening and by the time you make your official bridal entrance your guests will be all smiles, energetic and ready to celebrate with you.

Of course the music is an integral part of setting the right tone for the evening. An Acoustic Duo or Trio is often the best option during canapés and if you have hired a 5 or 6 piece band for the reception you can utilise those musicians for the acoustic entertainment of which is often provided at a cheaper cost therefore allowing you to provide that extra special touch to the day without going over your budget. During this time the band are also able to gage the overall vibe and dynamic of the guests, get to know them a bit more so that when it’s officially party time everyone is up on the dance floor.

Don’t be fooled, Canapés aren’t just for your guests. They are a way for yourself, partner and bridal party to take photos and have some down time. You can relax whilst you know your guests are happy and entertained and simply enjoy some time to yourselves with a few glasses of bubbles before you make your big entrance into the the reception and commence the formalities.

Once the formalities are over it’s party time and time for the band to show you that you’ve got what you paid for and offer up some killer entertainment that has everyone talking about it for the many weeks, months or years to come.