Christmas Party Entertainment: It’s What Makes a Great Xmas Party

By Chris Ninni


Yes – it’s only July and no one is thinking about end of year celebrations and work christmas parties yet, but you should be. If you are in charge of your company’s end of year event now is the time to secure your corporate christmas party entertainment.

Your choice of entertainment can really make or break your corporate christmas event and steer the energy in the room so it is always a great idea to chat to us about your visions for the party. Here at Evoke Entertainment we offer our extensive knowledge and experience to every client ensuring your work christmas party is the highlight of the year.

You want your party entertainment to cater to all employees, appealing to the younger interns/cadets and to the established managers and bosses of the company. This can be tricky! As we all know the younger generation like music that the older generation don’t connect with and visa versa. Not to stress, we have many entertainment packages to choose from, which will have all of your guests raving and talking about years after “Xmas Party 2018”.

Christmas Party Entertainment Package One:

Let’s Groove Tonight with canapé duo + Spotlight Show (The Vallies)

Imagine this – A beautiful canapé jazz duo of double bass & acoustic guitar to welcome guests to your event. Classy and elegant.

Between dinner and work speeches ‘The Vallies’ perform a show to shake up the room and impress all guests with the best Frankie Valli songs and Motown songs.

After the formalities Let’s Groove Tonight take the stage to bring everyone together on the dance floor with only the best songs from the 80s, 90s, and now.

Xmas Party Entertainment Package Two:

Party Rock People with canapé Saxophone/DJ duo

Picture this – A classic canapé jazz duo infused with Sax/DJ to kick off the night’s celebrations, which will be sure to spark conversation.

Followed by all of your favourite songs performed throughout dinner and dancing in ways you’ve never heard them before.

Christmas Party Entertainers Package Three:

Let’s Groove Tonight 8 Piece Band with canapé trio + Evoke DJ

Visualise this – Your guests arriving to the event with their favourite jazz songs played by a beautiful jazz band with double bass, acoustic guitar and jazz vocalist. Setting the tone for an amazing evening.

Followed by more classic dinner songs by a 8 piece band, the harmonies will entice you.

Then kicking into gear to energise and involve everyone in one great big work party and sing-along which will create memories for a lifetime.

Our Evoke DJ is there between band sets to keep the party going and to play all the younger music to appeal to all ages.

If you also need a Master of Ceremonies or Event Host for your work xmas party, Evoke Entertainment have a great selection of MCs that would be perfect for your function. We’re happy to work with you to select the ideal MC to really complete the ultimate corporate christmas event.

No matter the size of number of guests we can accommodate any event with your chosen christmas party entertainment. We can also tailor entertainment packages to suit themed events. Give us a call or shoot us an email and let us know your thoughts on what you envisage for your end of year xmas party theme. We’ll be there to make it even better and very memorable.

Love Chris, Emma & Ally xx