Emma Mylott All Together Now

Emma Mylott – All Together Now The 100 Finalist

By Chris Ninni


Our original lead female vocalist of Let's Groove Tonight, Emma Mylott, has recently won her heat on Channel 7’s All Together Now The 100 with ‘You Give Love a Bad Name’ and ‘Fever’. The grand final will be aired this Sunday at 7pm. We wish her all the best! Knock em’ dead! Below are some Q&A from TV week and News Limited.
  1. When did you first discover a passion for singing?
    Emma Mylott: Around 11 years old. Before then I did every dance and acting class. Mum said I came home one day and said “Don’t wanna dance, wanna sing.” The rest is history!

  2. How does it feel being in the grand final?
    Emma: It is so exciting to be part of the grand final. I feel super lucky to be able to perform in front of the surreal 100 panel audience again. It truly is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before, very very cool.

  3. Are you nervous?
    Emma: I am – but is a great, excited, silly kind of nervous. It might sound strange but I love getting nervous, the butterflies remind me of how much I care about and LOVE what I do so I do appreciate when my nerves kick in. It’s a nice little kick in the butt to get my sh*t together haha.

  4. How would winning All Together Now change your life?
    Emma: Well it would do wonders for any musician in Australia. As the 100 would know, it is so difficult working and making a sound living in the music industry in our country. It’s a constant hustle to obtain regular gigs and then a lot of hard work and dedication to land the gig(s) you dream of. Getting some airtime alone has given me a little boost that I appreciate so much! Thank you Channel 7 and the All Together Now team! …. Winning All Together Now comes with a bonus 100k! Who is going to knock that back!? Have you heard about property prices in Sydney, I’ll be chucking a deposit on a tiny one bedroom terrace to live out the rest of my gig hustling days 😉

  5. The ratings for The 100 have been pretty impressive. What do you think has made this show such a success?
    Emma: Every 1st season of any reality/singing show I feel gets traction and a lot of viewers sussing out what the show is all about. All Together Now is something fresh and different from the many years/seasons of X Factor and The Voice. I also believe it is way more entertaining than The Voice where it’s focus is the 4 celebrity judges egos. The variety of the panel and of the contestants on All Together Now keeps the audience on their toes.

  6. When did it dawn on you that you have a real chance of winning? What could this win mean for you?
    Emma: When I got through to the Grand Final after the sing off with ‘Fever’ I did have that ‘Holy S**t’ moment. I had really been taking the show has a fun experience and getting through to the final I felt things got real fast and started to think how 100K would seriously change my life immensely. It could take the money/living pressure off me for a while to focus on bigger and better projects.

  7. What piece of advice would you give to future contestant on the show if there is another season?
    Emma: Have fun. When will you ever sing to a ‘building’ of 100 people again.

  8. How has the show impacted you/your life?
    Emma: The show has given me the opportunity to work with some amazing musicians like Gary Pinto and meet some incredible talent. They have inspired me to keep doing what I’m doing. The episodes have brought family and friends of mine together to celebrate which has been super fun, I’ll never turn a glass of wine down. My kids/students that I teach (singing and acting) every week have little stars in the eyes as they saw their teacher on TV and they have so much anger for the two judges who didn’t stand (LOL.) They make me laugh a lot… Look out! My 12 year old drama monkeys are coming for you haha… Overall the show has given me a lot of joy and love as cheesy as that sounds.

When Emma is not busy being a rockstar you can find her in the Evoke office organising private events, weddings and functions and then singing with Let’s Groove Tonight around Sydney 🙂