Not All DJs Are The Same

By Chris Ninni


We’ve all experienced those cringe worthy moments where a DJ has played the wrong music for an event or audience, brought prehistoric equipment with speakers sitting on the floor that sounds distorted or perhaps turned up looking like they’ve just lost a brawl in the car park. Unfortunately such scenarios play out on a daily basis and are a large reason why our Evoke DJs are in high demand.

Evoke Entertainment and our Evoke DJs specialise in Wedding Entertainment and Corporate Entertainment.

That’s right, not all DJs are the same. Did you know that most DJs specialise in one or two areas at best?

You may have seen a great DJ in a club last Friday night who had a twenty something audience blowing on whistles and twirling glow sticks continually for 5 hours but would they be suited for your upcoming wedding? In short the answer is no.

So, what kind of DJ do I need for a wedding, corporate event or private function?
This is where flashy DJ skills take a back seat to a number of factors including:

  • Punctuality
  • Wearing appropriate attire
  • Great communication skills
  • Ability to understand and fulfill client expectations

And the list continues…

What other attributes would you add to this list? Tell us your horror stories or share some of your ideas as to what a great DJ should be. If you know any amazing DJs let us know about them.