danni and john

Our hand crafted corporate and wedding ceremony duos and trios are designed to perfectly complement our diverse clients and their guests. From intimate and sophisticated Jazz to current chart toppers, our stable of gifted vocalists such as Danni Da Ros (The Voice 2012) & Rebecca Tapia-Selley (Lion King 2014-16) have featured in hundreds of wedding ceremonies, corporate events and everything in between. We’d love to hear all about your next event so get in touch with us today!

How we work:

The following is a typical run sheet, but we’re more than happy to restructure to suit any function.

To set the mood for your guests and keep the groom and his entourage relaxed just prior to the brides entrance, our Duos & Trios start the proceedings with a 15 minute musical introduction. Our repertoire is extensive and sure to add a sense of occasion and elegance to your special day. The ceremony typically consists of the processional, signing of the registry and the recessional.

For church services you may like the Duo or Trio to also perform the offertory and communion.

For our corporate clientele, our Creative Events Specialists at Evoke together with our clients, craft the perfect package to wow your guests at your next event.

From $600 + GST

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