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Emerald City
It’s that time of year again – you have been put in charge of organising the end of year Christmas party or awards night. Your subconscious is thinking “I can throw a better party than Susan’s event last year…” (haha!) This is where we come in – we’re here to help. Today’s blog lists a few Christmas Party Themes we have done over the last couple of years which have all been a huge success! Let us know what you think?

Christmas Party Entertainment: It’s What Makes a Great Xmas Party

Yes – it’s only July and no one is thinking about end of year celebrations and work christmas parties yet, but you should be. If you are in charge of your company’s end of year event now is the time to secure your corporate christmas party entertainment. Your choice of entertainment can really make or break your corporate christmas event and steer the energy in the room so it is always a great idea to chat to us about your visions for the party. Here at Evoke Entertainment we offer our extensive knowledge and experience to every client ensuring your work christmas party is the highlight of the year.

The Importance of a MC

It’s your big day. There’s nothing you want more than for it to be perfect and for your family and friends to have the best time and create lifelong memories. The last thing you need is a less than capable MC (Master of Ceremonies/emcee) who lacks the enthusiasm and skill to keep your reception entertaining and running smoothly. We cannot stress enough the importance of a MC; they are the stage manager of the reception. Everything from music, food service, formalities and speeches is the responsibility of your MC. We have all been to a wedding where the speeches ran overtime, the bridal waltz was late, the food was cold etc... leading to the band/DJ playing significantly less than planned due to a tipsy uncle MCing. Unless you have a brother, cousin, friend or family member who is a wedding MC for hire, it's time to look at your options for booking a professional MC.

Chris Ninni – CEO of Evoke Entertainment

Our CEO Chris Ninni Week in and week out here at Evoke Entertainment, we are working constantly and enthusiastically to provide the utmost professional and exceptional entertainment Sydney has to offer. When you call our office to enquire about your event, it is our CEO Chris Ninni on the other end every time, and we thought in this latest blog we would tell you a little bit about him and his expertise.

An Elegant Hyatt Regency Wedding

On March 10th 2018 our wonderful clients and beautiful couple Lauren & Ehren celebrated their marriage at the prestigious Hyatt Regency on Sussex St in Sydney. It was a beautiful affair to remember as the one and only Kathy & Lauren from Nightingales designed and organised the entire event. We had the absolute pleasure of providing entertainment from start to finish with our amazing Evoke DJ and Let's Groove Tonight 6 piece band (Ft. Emma & Chris).

Top 30 Ceremony Songs from Start to Finish

Top 30 Ceremony Songs from Start to Finish We get so caught up in the music and other important elements of the reception that sometimes we forget live music for the ceremony! The formal and offical part of the big day sincerely need special music moments. The moment you enter and walk down the aisle seeing your soon to be husband for the first time on your wedding day (processional). The signing of the register, where things get very real and legally official. Followed by the cheers from family and friends as you walk out as husband and wife (recessional). An iPod entry doesn't say special... believe us, we've seen it too many times. So check out our Evoke Strings or Evoke Duos to add that important element to your ceremony 🙂 you won't regret it!

Top 20 Songs to End Your Event or Wedding

Each week we consistently get asked for recommendations from clients concerning which wedding farewell songs they should end their night with or which songs would be the best choice as a last song to close out an event or function? This is a very significant moment of the day/evening – a final song that wraps up everything about a special wedding day or corporate event. Music has a unique power of creating lasting memories so this decision on a final song is a big one (in our eyes anyway!). So here are our top 20 songs to end your wedding or corporate event on:

Navarra Venues & Evoke Entertainment Join Forces

Navarra Venues & Evoke Entertainment Join Forces Last week was a massive week for us here at Evoke Entertainment, we have officially joined forces with the amazing Navarra Venues in efforts to work together to create the utmost picture-perfect wedding experiences. From locking in your favourite venue to your desired entertainment, easy and stress free with industry professionals who truly care about your special day from start to finish.

Father Daughter Dance Songs – Our Top 50

Father Daughter Dance
Evoke's Top 50 Songs for Dad & Daughter Dance The wedding to do list is getting shorter and the date closer, everything is coming together nicely! Ceremony songs, check. Entrance songs, check. Bridal Waltz, check. Garter, Bouquet and Cake Cutting song, check. Father Daughter dance song... TBC. Damn, so close!

Top 5 Wedding Venues Central Coast

Canapé Sax at Bells At Killcare
Our Top 5 Wedding Venues on the Central Coast It's decided, you and your loved one are to tie the knot on the Central Coast, just out of the hustle and bustle of the city, the perfect romantic setting. Here we are with Evoke's top 5 Central Coast wedding venues, so you can get a taste of each before you dive into hours of preparation and research (fun times!). The photo above is of Jimmy, our talented Party Rock People sax player, at the stunning Bells at Killcare wedding venue. Which leads us into our first pick...

5 Beautiful Hunter Valley Wedding Venues

Our top 5 Wedding Reception Venues in the Hunter Valley Looking to escape the big city for the perfect Hunter Valley wedding? (Sounds good doesn't it?) Why not make a weekend out of it!? Below we have listed 5 amazing Hunter Valley wedding venues to save you from researching them all, so close the million tabs you have open in your browser and have a read through the short descriptions below. Here we go!

Curzon Hall Wedding Ceremony & Reception Venue

Wedding Ceremony & Reception at Curzon Hall Finding the perfect venue for your wedding can be difficult and tedious! Both parties need to agree (help!), the room must accommodate for the amount of guests you are inviting (your guests and all those extra friends of your parents… why!) and god knows you want it to be completely different from your friend's wedding you went to last week. Oh! And what about the ceremony? It would be so convenient to have the ceremony on site to then stroll into the reception immediately after, right? Well look no further than Navarra Venues' stunning 1899 heritage castle – Curzon Hall.

List of the Best Wedding Entrance Songs

wedding entrance music
The Best Wedding Reception Entrance Songs Phew! The hard part is done, the wedding ceremony was beautiful… a few happy tears but the makeup is still intact! Now it's time to drink (responsibly!) and celebrate with your family and friends at the reception you have slaved months over organising. You deserve a kick-arse entrance; it is your day after all. Oh no… not another decision, what wedding reception entrance song to choose?!

Top 50 Wedding First Dance Songs

Bridal Waltz
Evoke Entertainment's Top 50 Bridal Waltz Songs Planning your big day is, let’s face it, a BIG job. From venues to photographers, flowers to dresses, entertainment to invitations, it almost seems impossible to get everything organised within budget and still keep the reception true to who you are as a couple. Although there is one moment within all the madness of a reception where everyone stops, all other elements fade away and we are reminded of the love we are celebrating; the Bridal Waltz. This is our favourite moment here at Evoke and there’s nothing we love more than to make it the most memorable moment.

Keeping It In The Family

Wow! What a week we have just had. Evoke Entertainment and the Vo family were busy celebrating two sibling’s weddings a week apart from each other. Their son Jeremy and bride Danielle at the beautiful Curzon Hall on the 8th of April followed closely by their daughter Annalise and groom Jeremy (yes! another Jeremy) wedding at the stunning Sergeants Mess on the 15th of April.

Top Events for Party Rock People

Party Rock People top events of 2016
Top Events for Party Rock People Wow! so many events for 'Party Rock People' with performances all over Sydney, what an amazing year we have just had. From weddings, private parties, clubs to corporates Party Rock People, our very own Sydney party band, have smashed it recently. We're not going to lie, it was tough narrowing it down to just three events but we have managed to do it! Below are the top three events for our number one DJ band here at Evoke Entertainment.

Let’s Groove Tonight’s Top 5 Reception Venues

Fort Denison
Let’s Groove Tonight’s Top 5 Wedding Reception Venues Today, our leading wedding and corporate band ‘Lets Groove Tonight’ share their top 5 wedding reception venues in Sydney they have performed at this year. With over 700 events since 2010 it is safe to say ‘Lets Groove Tonight’ have played at their fair share of reception venues around Sydney.

Wedding Reception Entertainment

Wedding Reception Entertainment
Following on from our last post on the importance of Ceremony Music, today I feel I have no choice but to write about the importance of Wedding Reception Entertainment! Whether it be a DJ, duo, three-piece band to seven-piece band, Evoke Entertainment has you covered with a range of options to suit your venue, style and budget.

Party Rock People’s Nada-Leigh Nasser featured on The Voice Australia 2016

The Voice Sisters - Nada Leigh & Jasmin Jade Nasser
Our wonderful Vocalist Nada from our Evoke DJ Band Party Rock People will appear on The Voice Australia 2016 this week for the first round of live auditions. In 2014 Nada came 4th on X Factor Australia and this year on The Voice, she hopes to land a spot on her favourite team with Jessie J. Keep an eye out for her from your TV room at home! We wish her all the best during the live auditions!

Evoke DJs – Wedding Corporate & Function Entertainment

We’ve all experienced those cringe worthy moments where a DJ has played the wrong music for an event or audience, brought prehistoric equipment with speakers sitting on the floor that sounds distorted or perhaps turned up looking like they’ve just lost a brawl in the car park. Unfortunately such scenarios play out on a daily basis and are a large reason why our Evoke DJs are in high demand.


Thank you for stopping by our very first Evoke Entertainment blog. We hope to provide insiders glimpse into scenario’s and discussions we have on a daily basis here at Evoke headquarters. An ongoing area for discussion is how can we improve upon our services? Delivering fresh & on-trend event & entertainment related services are at the core of our business values as well as our greatest point of difference.